Thursday, August 26, 2010

The 1812 Overture of 2006 (Neves 2010)

This is the story of the pain and the ass
Neither role is played by me
But I work on them in my acting class
That meets every day here by the sea

Lesson 1: Eschew sneezing.
Lesson 2: Keep your eye out of the navel.
Lesson 3: Can you draw a conclusion--
about that heron
standing on the water table?

4: fiddle fern.
5: Ribbon candy.
6: Uterus

Here upon the bus
Things lie somewhere between gooey and neat
Me and my baggage and the pain and the ass
Ride the hard seat to the beach.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lurking Curve

He said, "It's really complex."
I said, ". . . convex?"

Upside your head/my head
The upside is,

oh yeah, I learned:
I was careful what I wished for
But a crystal ball has
all those lurking curves

To turn you upside down
The worst enemy, I've found,
Is (me)eting your maker--again.

I wish
I could sink into the ocean
and swim into a tulip-shaped tide

I wish
I could remember to ride
the rhythm of the water
and keep the sand out of my eyes.

A grain of sand
will drive you blind.

Trade you an hourglass
for a crystal ball.
I wish.

Small Awe

In a lake in autumn
touch my nose to water
and reflect

when everything turns round hope
Oh, symmetry of hope
and a blur of spokes rolling home . . .
all small awe sent to me.

Years searching for a good fit
One without a pinch
Yeah--tell that to the balloon dog

pinwheels, balls, and breasts
Oh, symmetry of death
and wasted days and breath
through it all, small awe was sent to me.

Who will be your mirror?
and who will be your knife?
Bright light of chaos can pinpoint
tothe rest of your life

like rows of hedgerows
or seventies hair
Oh! symmetry of hair!
Oh, amazing love affair
And all small awe--you were sent to me.

Finder of the Owl

Half-empty glass
full-up with

Possum play
drama queen . . .be

I want to be
the finder of the owl.

The finder of the owl
through camouflage of doubt
Uncowed by chaos
You know who

The cows come home to chew
Under the rooster
and big, warm moon
Like a runaway plate
Oh, cozy self-hate!

I want to fly into the dark
And see each tiny movement of your heart

I want to be
the finder of the owl.

The finder of the owl
through camouflage of doubt
Uncowed by chaos
You know who

okay, us.
Oh, chaos.

The finder of the owl
when my spirit sings out loud
Uncowed by chaos
You know woo woo woo